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About Bruns and Spork

Bruns and Spork [bru:ns ænd spɔːk] is a small audio software company based in Hamburg, Germany.

The location is not a coincidence. We, Georg (Bruns) and Michael (Spork), first met at a big audio software company based in Hamburg, Germany: Steinberg


Soon we became friends and spent a lot of time with swapping ideas on audio software. One day, after many animated discussions and lots of coffee, we decided to put our very own conceptions of virtual instruments into practice. So Bruns and Spork was born as a sideline project while we continued working part-time for Steinberg.

The two-track approach was quite an obstacle in regard to the speed of development of our first product Grooove. Obviously, being self-employed and having an employer at the same time is a double load. But then, it is also giving us independence and variety, which turned out to be a good breeding ground for our creativity. Of course, it is also a good thing to have some colleagues apart from our own.

Now, after a long period of development, several ups and some downs, we are thrilled finally launching our first product into the world. We hope Grooove can be an enrichment for the ocean of virtual drum machines. And we are anxious to get real-life feedback from beat tinkerers world wide.

Last but not least, it should not go unmentioned that Bruns and Spork would not exist without the support by the Steinberg founders and former CEOs Charlie Steinberg and Manfred Rürup, who were bold enough to trust in our ideas. We cannot thank them often enough!

Just to make sure you don't get us wrong: Even though there are some bounds to Steinberg and we love Steinberg software, Bruns and Spork is still a completely independent and separate company. More precisely, a small audio software company based in Hamburg, Germany.


Georg & Michael


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