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Welcome on the Grooove BPB Edition page!

Grooove Bedroom Producers Blog Edition (Grooove BPB) is a special version of Grooove, created in collaboration with Bedroom Producers Blog by Tomislav Zlatic.


Groove BPB has a moderatley restricted feature set and comes with a special kit collection based on exclusice samples provided by BPB. In case you are using Grooove BPB, you might wonder about the benefits of the fully equipped Grooove version.


  • Access to 46 exclusive Grooove drum kits including more than 790 samples
  • 122 additional keys (sample cells, each holding 2 additional sample slots)
  • 5 additional stereo outs
  • 6 additional LFOs
  • Solo and Lock buttons on each key
  • MIDI compressor and expander
  • and much more... (see below)


Here's a detailed overview of the differences between both Grooove and Grooove BPB.


Kits 14 BPB Edition Kits 46 exclusive Kits
BPB Edition Kits
Samples 150 more than 790
BPB Edition Samples

Bypass, Phase Inversion, Normalise, Reverse No Yes
Sample Slot Solo No Yes
Prelisten Yes Yes
Prelisten Repeat No Yes

9 Velocity-sensitive Sound Parameters Yes Yes
Dynamic Waveform Display Yes Yes
Key Hold No Yes
Flip buttons (Min/Max inversion) No Yes
LFOs 2 8
Stereo Outs 3 8
Global Bypass No Yes
Presets No Yes

Keys (sample cells) 6 128
Mute Yes Yes
Solo No Yes
Lock No Yes
MIDI In Note View No Yes
On-key Mixer static concealable
Key Sort Options none By name, note or sample assignment

MIDI substract/add Yes Yes
MIDI Range Min/Max Yes Yes
MIDI compressor/expander No Yes
Global buttons (preset) No Yes
Position parameter No Yes


Download Grooove BPB

Download Grooove

Mac OS X and Windows
32 and 64 bit
Stand-alone, VST2, VST3, AU

Grooove can be used
with or without license key.

  • If you don't have a license key, you can run Grooove in trial mode, which means only a limited set of built-in drum kits is available and the export function is disabled. Grooove will also remind you of the trial state from time to time. Apart from that, Grooove is fully functional in trial mode.
  • If you have a license key, simply use it to activate the installation and enjoy Grooove's unimpaired performance.