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Error message: Unidentified developer

On Mac OS X, when installing Grooove or running Grooove for the first time, you might see an error message this:


Depending on the Mac OS X version, the look and wording might differ a bit.


If you want to install Grooove (not a smaller edition), please simply use the latest installer. It includes the signed Grooove app which means no warning will appear.

Grooove BPB, Grooove CM and Grooove Beat

If you want to install Grooove BPB, Grooove CM or Grooove Beat, you will need to open Grooove or the Grooove installer in a special way to get around the warning. Please right-click (or press ctrl while clicking) on the installer resp. Grooove app and select 'Open' from the contextual menu.

Support Enquiries

If you have a general question, need help with a technical issue, if you want to report a bug or request a feature, please open the support form by clicking on the button below and fill in your details.